Plans are underway to create the country’s first commercial seaweed farming industry, that will see farmers earn a living and oceans restored. Search for: Search. NZ university opens green seaweed grow-out research facility Nordic Aqua Partners raises €55.1m with Oslo listing BioMar’s Turkish JV announces new managing director Auckland, NZ (September 1, 2020) –Aquaculture startup CH4 Global has closed on seed funding of US$3 million (NZ$4.45 million) and will scale up its New Zealand operations with commercial marine and tank-based seaweed cultivation pilots based at Rakiura/Stewart Island. Thus, it is necessary to work at last 4 days per week to earn sufficient money for you and your family. "This cold-water seaweed is perfectly suited to the New Zealand and Australian climate for sustainable, long-term, environmentally friendly cultivation. Undaria farming. 30 Aug 2019. Seaweed farming has frequently been developed as an alternative to improve economic conditions and to reduce fishing pressure and overexploited fisheries. Contact Us. Or contact one of our local friendly sales team. It is most often served in soups and salads.. Sea farmers in Japan have grown wakame since the Nara period. Pacific Harvest has supplied New Zealand with high quality, dried edible seaweeds, all sustainably harvested and tested for contaminants, for over 18 years. AgriSea general manager Tane Bradley said his organisation had been working on increasing the value of seaweed to New Zealand’s economy and was looking forward to being involved in the … READ MORE: * Research winery to explore benefits of regenerative practices * CH4 Global nets $4.45m to harvest seaweed in Southland * Coculture brings environmental and economic benefits. The Ministry for Primary Industries says it only allows Undaria farming from selected heavily infested areas, as it is an "unwanted organism" under the Biosecurity Act. Agrifert NZ Ltd. Agrifert NZ Limited is a progressive fertiliser specialising in organic farming solutions. It has the potential to contribute to the restoration of damaged marine environments and establish what is at this stage nonexistent in NZ: commercial seaweed farming. Email us at [email protected] . New Zealand. Farming underwater forests of seaweed could help combat climate change, a Niwa scientist says. Ecological economist Majan Van Den Belt is excited about the environmental and financial opportunities large scale seaweed farming could bring to New Zealand. "The main bottleneck is energy cost. Innovating seaweed farming all over the world. NZ Kelp Only after ocean harvesting and carefully controlled drying conditions is our Zelp Kelp milled into one of two product grades. General Enquiries: Email Us Here. Seaweed biotech facility opens in New Zealand. Provide growers in all sectors with healthy, environmentally friendly, growth inducing nutrition options for their produce. The September meeting consisted of guests such as world-leading seaweed scientists from Waikato University; potential impact investors such as The Tindall Foundation’s Sir Stephen Tindall and John McCarthy; Bay Trust’s Alastair Rhodes; as well as Ngāti Pukenga’s Harry Mikaere. There are 550 species of red seaweed, making them the largest group. With smarter farming comes better nutrition. LEARN MORE. SEAWEED FARMING. Seaweed farming is a mature multi-billion dollar industry and some Asian countries produce tens of millions of tonnes a year. The initiative has even prompted philanthropist and potential investor Sir Stephen Tindall to urge main players to press on with the concept. “We’ve got amazing companies like AgriSea, who do amazing things with their beach communities, but if there is no storm, there is no seaweed washed up on the beach. Wild stocks are limited, so seaweeds have been cultivated instead. Pacific Harvest has supplied New Zealand with high quality, dried edible seaweeds, all sustainably harvested and tested for contaminants, for over 18 years. Post. He and Wakame Fresh co-owner Lucas Evans have launched Seaweed Innovation NZ, and Evans will be GreenWave NZ’s first seaweed farmer. Photo / Supplied. Bradley says the award is a recognition of the farmers AgriSea works with -- people who are leading the way into the future. Farming seaweed is not considered a tough job. Wakame (), Undaria pinnatifida, is a species of edible seaweed, a type of marine algae, and a sea vegetable.It has a subtly sweet, but distinctive and strong flavour and texture. The team who could be bringing Greenwave to NZ. GreenWave NZ’s pilot stage will consist of farming native brown kelp (ecklonia) at two locations in the Hauraki Gulf. ... the 1,000m 2 facility is the first in New Zealand to provide state-of-the art infrastructure for seaweed cultivation ... How seaweed farming can help to tackle climate change. In total 13 questions, 6 questions are Matching Headings form, 3 questions are Matching Information form, … We collect, collate and distribute naturally sourced Mānuka and seaweed products developed to enhance the nutrition, growth and productivity of plants, pastures and bees for gardeners, landowners and beekeepers throughout New Zealand.
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