What sets this piano apart from all the competition at this price is Kawai’s proprietary and exclusive longest key all-wood key-action called “Grand Feel 3.” The actual length of the white keys on this model is just under 14″ long which is what makes actual acoustic grand pianos so special…the keys and the key length…they are long. The resulting sound is a much fuller, much louder, and much more naturally resonating piano sound than the CA79 or just about any other brand of digital piano in this price range. It has been a good model for Kawai and we anticipate there will be no changes to it in the year 2020/2021. 0030 6977 841804 Kawai Novus NV10 “Grand Hybrid” Digital Piano | REVIEW | $10,000 approx store discount price | The Kawai NV10 grand hybrid digital piano has been out about 2 years and it’s proven to be a very successful top model for the Kawai piano company. The NV10 has a 7 speaker, 3 channel Onkyo sound system projecting the sound in different directions giving you the surround sound feel of a real grand piano. The ES920 also has a lot of user friendly digital features and functions to make your piano playing even more enjoyable like Bluetooth wireless audio and MIDI connectivity, audio recording capabilities, and interactive style accompaniments. The KDP70 is basically a cabinet version of the portable ES110 with a few important differences such as the ES110 having more acoustic piano sounds and those sounds have upgraded piano sound technology over this KDP70. Kawai CN39 Review and Uk Buyer's Guide The Kawai CN39 is a new mid-range digital piano which utilises Kawai's Responsive Hammer Action III key action. The NV5 has Kawai’s premium concert grand piano sound chip so that when you play the NV5 with its precise acoustic key action the special hammers on that action trigger the piano sound for all 88 keys using special optical sensors which determines the movement and speed of the “unique hammers” in the Millennium III key action and translates that information in real time to the digital “brain” of the NV5 to produce a realistic, natural piano sound coming out of a proprietary Onkyo multi-channel sound system within the NV5 cabinet which directs the sound towards the player along with sending the sound out of projection speaker ports in the cabinet. It has 40 watts of speaker power which is almost 3 times as powerful as the models below it. The CN39 is an upgrade to the lower priced CN29 in number of ways although there are some similarities, The CN39 and CN29 share the same higher end plastic key action called RH3 along with the same piano sound chip and pedaling system. The Kawai CN Series Digital Pianos share an award-winning legacy for excellence. Digital Piano | REVIEW | $10,000 approx store, Have you met Professor Tim yet? The CA79 has a big array of interactive usable piano features, educational piano practice technology, Bluetooth audio and MIDI wireless connectivity, and all kinds of recording functions to do most anything you would like to do. Make sure to check out the reviews but first of all press the red … The NV10 is the “grand piano key action” version of the NV5 upright piano. In other words it plays more like a real piano than any other brand or model under $2000. The ES110 has dedicated buttons to select instrument tones through tone group buttons and 4 favorite sound settings can be stored in the instrument. LOWER DISCOUNT PRICES THAN AMAZON OR INTERNET - PLEASE CONTACT US BEFORE YOU BUY ANYWHERE! 2. UPDATED REVIEW - The Kawai Piano Company has brand new models for 2020 including the Kawai CA79, Kawai CA99, Novus NV5, CA49, and CA59 which have some impressive upgrades over previous models.
2020 kawai cn39 digital piano review